Department of Quantum Computing and Technologies

Role in the consortium

Our team develops the software environment that integrates the MUNIQC-Atoms quantum system into the existing compute ecosystem, thus making it available to users. This represents an essential link for the system architecture, making the system available either for single experiments (cloud) or in the context of HPC workflows as a real accelerator for the community. In addition, this subproject will enable validation of the system against simulation on the ATOS QLM.

What are the goals?

  • Define and develop a standard software architecture that enables production-level operation using cloud and HPC systems
  • Define and develop interfaces that will allow external access for users and offer secure and efficient access for multiple users
  • Develop modern concepts to enable the use of QC systems as quantum accelerators and thus enable the integration of QC into the general compute ecosystem as another computing resource within HPC.
  • Develop and exploit new approaches to evaluate, optimize, and validate the MUNIQC-Atoms platform with simulation environments and through the use of full-system benchmarks.

Open positions

If you are excited about what we are doing and would like to join our team - we have open positions! We are looking for computer science PhD students and postdocs with a strong background in quantum computing and/or high-performance computing.

Check out our positions at Q@LRZ and LRZ.


Our technical team is a mix of HPC and cloud computer scientists, experimental and theoretical physicists, software developers, electrical engineers, and mathematicians. They represent a microcosm of the larger hybrid HPC and QC community and their perspectives and approaches.

Contact persons

Scientific questions and open positions:

Laura Schulz

Head of Quantum Computing and Technologies

Funding acknowledgement

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, grant number 13N16078