Consortium structure

MUNIQC-Atoms will build an atom-based quantum computer demonstrator based on the unique expertise of the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics and the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich in the field of neutral atom quantum technology as well as on the expertise of external partners from research institutes, universities and world-leading industrial companies based in Germany. Together, we will explore different schemes for qubit manipulations and develop cutting-edge technologies for high-fidelity quantum gate control. These include integrated optical solutions for individual qubit control, scalable control systems for fast gate operations, and a quantum compiler interfaced with a high-performance computing (HPC) framework. In collaboration with our theory partners, we will develop theoretical tools to benchmark the performance of the quantum computing demonstrator in the regime inaccessible by classical computers.

MUNIQC-Atoms quantum physicists and computer scientists interact during a poster session

Project managers

Bianca Lenhard | bianca.lenhard(at)
Dr. Yulia Borozdina |   LinkedIn |   Yulia.Borozdina(at)