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Development of optical and electronic measurement and control technology for quantum computer demonstrator

Role in the consortium

Our team is responsible for developing linewidth analyzer modules and current supply technology for stable operation of quantum computer demonstrators with respect to laser frequency noise, laser intensity noise and magnetic field control.

LWA-1k series

LWA-100k series

PCS Power Line series

What are the goals?

  • Development of  etalon-based-linewidth analyzers modules, which can measure both frequency noise spectra and amplitude noise spectra in the range of 10 Hz/√Hz as well as 160 dB/Hz, using novel correlation methods
  • Development of innovative optical fiber-based linewidth analyzer modules for fast feedback laser control and system monitoring during continuous operation
  • Development of current supply technology, with high stability, low noise, fast switching (microsecond timescale for on/off operations), currents up to 100 A, inductivities up to 500 µH, resistances in the mΩ range.

After development, all modules will be integrated in the demonstrator and characterized.

How do we plan to achieve that?

As a partner in several projects for industrial and scientific development, HighFinesse can rely on 20 years’ experience in developing and producing optical and electronic components for worldwide distributed high-end optical measurement systems.

Open positions

Do you want to actively take part in the development of cutting-edge products for the international high-tech market of lasers and photonic? - join us! We are hiring:

  • Service & Support Specialist with a degree in  in engineering or natural science and solid knowledge of laser science.

You will join a modern company, where cooperation and the exchange of ideas are strongly encouraged. You will complete your tasks with creative freedom and qualified support. Your tasks will include:

  • Contact person for worldwide technical support
  • Support to product management and marketing to further development of the product portfolio

Here you can find more information about the job opportunities.

We are always looking for talented and motivated people. If there are no suitable positions available at the moment, you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application.

We also offer several opportunities for internships with focus on different areas.

Currently internship topics are:

  • Characterization and optimization of the wavemeter performance for varying environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, pressure)
  • Development of frequency stabilized laser source based on iodine spectroscopy
  • Development of sub-MHz accuracy spectroscopy systems
  • Development and characterization of optical fiber assemblies for maximizing the wavelength measurement range of wavemeters
  • Development of automated test equipment for characterization and optimization of electronic components (e.g. special photodiode designs, low noise electrical sources).

If you have your own topic that might be interesting to us, just contact us and we will be happy to find out more!


HighFinesse GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of instruments in the field of optical measurement technology. Founded in 2000 in Tübingen (Germany), HighFinesse set new standards of precision for research and industry in photonics and laser optics. HighFinesse products are appreciated for their high-end specifications, accuracy and longevity. Product portfolio embraces wavelength meters, linewidth analyzers, precision current sources, spectrometers, calibration sources.

HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzers (LWAs) are the ultimate high-end optical instruments for characterizing laser frequency and intensity noise, allowing measurement of linewidths down to 35 kHz in a wide range of wavelengths.

HighFinesse Precision Current Sources (PCSs) deliver high stable, low noise currents. The water chilled Power Line series delivers up to 200 A with so far unprecedented precision and fast response.

Dr. Florian Karlewski

Head of R&D | Project manager

Since 2018, he has been the head of HighFinesse's research and development team. During his PhD, he worked with Rubidium Rydberg atoms in the group of József Fortágh at the University of Tübingen. For his postdoc he received an innovation grant from the University of Tübingen for the transfer of photonic technologies from a research laboratory to industry.

Dr. Peter Federsel

Lead R&D Manager | Project manager

He is the lead expert at HighFinesse for all optical technologies. During his PhD, he worked with ultra cold atom chips in József Fortágh’s group at the University of Tübingen. He has been developing state-of-the art optical technologies for more than five years.

Scientific questions:

Dr. Florian Karlewski   karlewski(at)highfinesse.de

Dr. Peter Federsel   federsel(at)highfinesse.de

Open positions:



Funding acknowledgement

Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, grant number 13N16075